• 26Mar
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    I’ve been making a list of things I’m going to miss about Thailand. Here are some of my faves:

    Baby-powdered evening faces of children and old men.

    Non-gender specific colors worn by everyone!

    Knees touching elbows when squatting to do laundry or washing dishes and the amazing flexibility that comes along with that.

    Hack, hack, hack (meat cleaver) and bok, bok, bok (mortar and pestle) sounds.

    Nose picking in public.

    Red and purple toothless betel nut smiles

    Doremon and fisherman pants worn by Thai villagers.

    Sea of flip flops outside the temple.


    Yellow string, white string and the ceremony for good luck.

    Quiet strong opinions from women.

    Isaan, laos, suai, campodian, wwhhhhhaat? So many languages to learn.

    Rooster crow alarm clock.

    Chirp, cricket, rustle, whiiir – the sounds of my house at night.

    Beautiful Surin silk.

    Ngoo and Noo! How to pronounce snake and rat. Da Jit running over whenever I say one of those words to help me!

    Eh, hey, oooooiiii – vocal sounds!

    Knowing smile, touch the arm; Connecting without speaking.


    Growing out my hair and fun hair washing Saturday nights.

    Pink curtains and square triangle pillows.

    Bright flower shirts that we wear to match the color days of the week

    Looking forward to 3-in-1 sugar filled coffee every morning.

    Working until I’m tired and then napping.

    Smiles through the windows that line my office front wall and an office desk piled high with snacks and development books.

    Being at the mercy of the weather, even inside my house.

    New additions to old houses…concrete, bedrooms, fans

    Swirly, twirly, oddly colored floor tiles.

    Da Jit calling me for dinner every night.

    Dirty, dusty floors swept by amazing handmade brooms.

    Fresh hand washed, somewhat clean laundry.

    Reusable bags and knowing how to say “no bag please” in Thai.

    The many different ways Thais pronounce me name…Kiss-tine, Kurstine, Kahristine.

    No doubt that Thailand has impacted me. Many questions and decisions are following me around right now but I’m taking time to just be thankful for everything Thai. The people, the places, the country. Special doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this place. I’ve promised to come back in 2 or 3 years…so I guess see you soon Thailand.



    P.S. I am headed to Hawaii to see friends from college and hang out with Jahn for four days! Leaving one paradise for another…what a difficult life I lead :)